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By Andrew Lamnea
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Welcome to PhotoCymru

Welcome to PhotoCymru

What sets me apart from other photographers? I immerse myself completely into all aspects of high-end digital photography. Working as professional photographer in various roles in Wales and commercially within the EU and the Middle East has given me an array of skills that allow me to capture unique photographic stories.

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I love light and the way it can transform a subject. That’s why I don’t just shoot one subject area. Once you can use light, I believe there should be no limits on what you can photograph.
Please browse through my portfolio via the link below. Hopefully you’ll agree with me.

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View My Portfolio

Beautifully Crafted Photographs

All my photographs are unique. Every photograph I shoot goes through an intensive process from camera to print. I always use the best equipment, using my extensive knowledge to give you the best experience throughout.

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